Vascular Treatment

The appearance of spider-like capillaries is one of the signs time leaves on our skin. They may be found anywhere on our body surface, but usually bother us most when found on our face.

How Do Spider-Like Capillaries Form?

Telangiectasia, or broken capillaries get their color from clotted RBC (Red Blood Cells). These capillaries can be seen and get their color due to weakness of the one-way valves found in the veins. Once the valves are weak, vein blood with little oxygen can stay in the capillarie instead of being pumped to the heart. Since these capillaries are very narrow, blood cells may get "stuck" in them. Other RBCs that flow into the same capillary get stuck behind the first ones, forming a layer of clotted blood, which gives the capillary its color. The capillaries are best seen when they are near the skin surface, or when the skin becomes too thin due to a decreased collagen production.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Two treatments are administered in order to treat the capillaries:

  • Breaking the layer of clotted blood and re-opening the capillary, resulting in free blood flow through the capillary and the disappearance of the purple color.
  • Stimulating the collagen layer to produce more collagen, resulting in thicker skin which conceals the capillaries.

Services Available:

  • Rosacea (Cheek Area)
  • Rosacea (Cheek & Chin)
  • Broken Capillaries
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