Hair Removal

Hair Removal is one of the most popular procedures performed all over the world.

In order to remove hair we coagulate hair follicles. In order to coagulate only the hair follicles and not the surrounding tissues, we need a difference of color between the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues.

  • The difference is based on color. The darker the area the more light (heat) will it absorb.
  • The color of the surrounding dermis does not change over time.
  • The color of the hair follicle changes according to the hair's growth phase.
  • The best Hair Removal is achieved when the contrast between the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues is at its peak.

The Right Stage for Hair Removal

Anagen (the first phase of the hair growth cycle) is the optimal stage to remove hair. This is because:

There is a high concentration of melanin, making the dermal papilla area darker than its surrounding. There is a higher concentration of blood vessels, contributing to the darkening of the dermal papilla area. Therefore, when heated, the dermal papilla region will absorb more energy and coagulate before its surrounding.

Active's solution does not rely on melanin alone to remove hair, but also on exhausting the energy of the matrix cells and the dark hemoglobin found in the capillaries. This combination makes hair removal possible for many types of hair colors, including for grey hair

How Does The Treatment Work?

Light-based technology removes hair in three ways:

  • Ruining the follicle by coagulating the melanocyte and matrix cells.
  • Clotting the follicle capillaries with heat energy, which means less food and oxygen to the hair follicle.
  • Triggering matrix cells to operate calcium pumps and exhaust the cell's energy, resulting in inhibition of the cellular metabolism.

Those three processes back up one another, so if one does not provide results, the two others will.


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