Foot Reflexology can be defined as the study and practice of automatic body responses to finger pressure on specific areas of the feet to help the body attain/maintain its ideal balance.

ReflexologyBenefits of Foot Reflexology

Improved circulation of blood, oxygen, lymph and chi (energy).

Stronger immune system, cleansing of toxins, and shorter duration of infections. Decreased stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improvement in sleep patterns.

Hormonal balance, Pain reduction, Non-invasive, Total body relaxation.

Reflexology is a great preventative therapy as symptoms may show up in reflex areas before presenting itself in the body part, gland, or organ.

Who Can Benefit? Reflexology can be performed on anyone, of any age (with the exception of those with a recent blood clot).  It can be done anytime, anywhere, in a sitting or lying position, as long as both client and reflexologist are comfortable.

Services Available:

  • One hour session
  • Half hour session
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